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Web & Mobile App Development

Custom Development Within Reach

We Build User-Friendly, Affordable Web and Mobile Apps for JDE

Custom web and mobile apps can help you integrate and automate even more business processes with your JD Edwards Enterprise One platform.

However, JDE is no longer supporting their existing mobile apps. What options does this leave for your organization?

There’s a Better Way to Build JDE Mobile and Web Applications

At ACBM, we build low-code/no-code JDE apps that are lightweight, user-friendly. and designed specifically for your use case. Best of all, the development process is remarkably affordable.

Apps that might have taken 3-6 months and cost $50-100k in the past can now be created in a few weeks for $5-10k.

Now that custom development is within reach, tell us what you’ve been wanting to build.

Our Tools and Approach

As early adopters and leading integrators in the Orchestrator realm, we were the first company to build apps using the method below to talk to and get data from JDE.

We use Oracle’s Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) to rapidly build and deploy no-code/low code web and mobile user interfaces. This Oracle Platform as a Service offering is hosted in Oracle cloud but the resulting applications can also be exported and deployed in a traditional web server such as Oracle WebLogic or IBM Websphere.

Why? Staying within the Oracle product family makes it easier to receive leading support with a single point of contact.

Our lightweight applications offer a user-friendly interface for accessing data from JDE. The Orchestrator does all the heavy lifting between the app and the ERP.

Why? Leveraging the power of the Orchestrator is how we can build apps at 90% less than the usual cost of custom development.

Watch our Mobile App webinar. 

Client Use Cases

Popular use cases for JDE mobile and web apps include:

Field Inventory Transfer | Purchase Order Approval Alerts | Remote Sales Order Entry

Quick Example from a Recent Client

A propane and oil company on the East Coast needed a mobile app for inventory transfer on the go. 

  • Their drivers were routinely delivering propane to customers at locations 100 miles or more from the nearest company depot. 
  • If a driver needed a part to make repairs at a house, they would meet another driver in the field to exchange parts and be on their way. 
  • These parts transfers didn’t show up in the inventory to keep JDE up to date. 
  • Drivers might or might not remember to update the inventory when they returned from the field.

With ACBM’s mobile app development, drivers can now update JDE directly from their mobile devices to keep inventory accurate in real-time from any location. The company’s VP of IT is already planning more use cases!

Mobile App Case Study 

mobile app case studies-1

Let's talk about your first use case today.