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EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Consulting

Orchestrate Success

With integration and business process automation, the Orchestrator can save companies hundreds or thousands of hours every year. In fact, that’s the usual outcome for our clients. At ACBM Solutions, we specialize in removing the obstacles that prevent organizations from turning the potential of the Orchestrator into reality.

…We even take on the projects that everyone else says cannot be done.


Our Unique Consulting Approach

We have the experience and confidence to take on 100% of project risk for our clients. We agree on a fixed fee up front (typically in the $500-$5000 range).

You only pay if it works. If we can’t do what we said, you pay nothing.
Yes, we put that in writing.

Our Project Success Methodology

  • Conduct a detailed requirements gathering session
  • Perform a thorough gap analysis and remediation
  • Create a comprehensive Design Book
  • Ensure client review and approval of integration design
  • Build and test the Orchestrations
  • Create test cases and manage end user testing
  • Oversee production deployment and provide go-live support

Browse Client Use Cases

The Orchestrator is effective for countless use cases including adding, updating, or deleting records in any number of JDE modules.

Human Resources
Accounts Payable
Sales Orders
Real Estate
Capital Assets
Real Estate Management

Experience Effective Orchestration

  • Automate Business Processes
  • Make Existing Staff More Productive
  • Improve Work Quality and Operations
  • Integrate with 3rd Party Systems
  • Reduce IT Spending
  • Recoup Costs on Abandoned Projects

Hourly Orchestrator Support for IT Teams

Have you already started your Orchestrator project and run into issues?

Maybe your orchestrations are working for some input scenarios but not others?

Perhaps you need help with sharing and promoting your projects?

These are common problems and can often be resolved quickly with expert help. ACBM Solutions is here to take your project across the finish line with flexible on-demand support services.

Instantly book hourly support with a credit card or purchase a block of 20-40 hours at a discounted rate to use as needed throughout the year.


JDE Orchestrator Case Study

Orchestrator case study

Ready to Explore Your Use Case and Get More from the Orchestrator?

Talk to us about Business Process Automation and Integration