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AJAM Media Object Manager

Enjoy AJAM, a Streamlined and Feature-Rich Media Object Manager for JDE

AJAM (ACBM JDE Attachment Manager) is the latest addition to our custom built solutions for JDE users. This proprietary web app lets you preview and manage attachments (media objects) in JDE with fewer clicks and no frustration.

See Our JDE Media Object Previewer in Action

  • View any and all types of media displayed in the JDE screen you already have open. 
  • Our application dynamically loads the full attachment list for each row you click. 
  • The first attachment automatically loads for you to view or edit.

Download the free AJAM User Guide

Our robust and user-friendly manual contains detailed information on how to install and configure the ACBM Solutions JDE Attachment Manager application, more commonly known as AJAM.

This document is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about AJAM, including:

  • Complete walkthrough of how to install/configure AJAM, from start to finish
  • List of Common Media Object Structures
  • Legend containing all End User Navigation functions

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We’ve Built What You Want.

JDE users know the frustration of working with the traditional attachment manager. Lots of clicks, lots of screens to open and close, lots of downloaded attachments to wrangle. 

In response to customer demand, our team built an object management tool that does everything users want.

  • View & Add Attachments including text, URL, Images/PDF files, and Office Documents.
  • Add & Edit Text (with full-featured formatting) and Office Documents.
  • Delete Text, URL, and Files.
  • Download Text and Files.
  • View URLs in JDE or open in new browser tab.
  • Combine Text, Files, and Image/PDF attachments into a single PDF.
  • Print Attachments.
  • Email File Attachments.
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Need to work with attachments outside JDE? You can download PDFs or other files directly from our Media Objects Viewer or print them using the PDF viewer on your local machine.

Simple | Affordable | Reliable | AJAM

AJAM Pricing

$479/month billed annually at $5,750

NOTE: Includes unlimited users and up to 1 production instance and 1 test instance.

There’s a lot to appreciate:

  • Single implementation works in every application across JDE.
  • Choice of either a one-time flat fee for a perpetual license or an annual subscription which includes all updates and support. 
  • Both options cover unlimited users across all JDE applications.

For all JDE users who struggle with media object attachments, there’s immediate value in this powerful tool.

AJAM Case Study

ajam case study

AJAM Product Data Sheet

ajam product data sheet

Ready to Explore Your Use Case and Get More from AJAM?

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