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Orchestrator Is THE Solution for JDE E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce integration is one of the most overlooked opportunities to save time and money by leveraging Orchestrator. In fact, in most cases, it should be the first and only option for JD Edwards integration with e-commerce platforms. Let’s explore why this is true.

Unlike solutions that target just one platform, Orchestrator can be used to integrate ALL e-commerce platforms. In fact, you can build one orchestration and simply replicate it with a different connector for each platform. Since most companies are trying to integrate JDE sales orders with multiple e-commerce platforms, this saves a massive amount of time and effort.

Orchestrator Works with These E-Commerce Platforms (and More)

Shopify BigCommerce
Amazon WooCommerce
Ebay Squarespace
Magento Commerce Volusion
3DCart Prestashop

There are also MANY other benefits to using Orchestrator for these JDE integrations. But first, let’s look at the other options businesses are trying.

Platform-Specific Solutions Are the Wrong Answer for JDE E-Commerce Integration.

The most common approach is to work with consulting and third party integration providers who have expertise with a particular e-commerce platform (such as Shopify).These solutions are typically quite expensive. Plus, even if you purchase an off-the-shelf integration solution, it will just be a narrow solution targeted for one e-commerce platform. In addition to the expense of buying the software, you must spend time and money on configuration. This is a lengthy process and often requires three or four parties to even make the project work.

  • A JDE expert
  • An e-commerce expert
  • An integration architect/expert
  • A project manager

This whole process takes longer and costs more than building what you need from scratch in the Orchestrator.

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Benefits of Using Orchestrator for JD Edwards E-Commerce Projects

  1. Obviously, using software that’s already included at no additional cost with your existing JDE ERP is a significant cost savings. The cost of building orchestrations is minimal compared to buying off-the-shelf software or building a custom third-party solution.

  2. Orchestrator can be used to integrate with ANY e-commerce platform. All of the orchestrations built for e-commerce integration with JDE use the same kind of structure, just different REST connectors. This saves a lot of time and effort.

  3. Orchestrations integrate at the application level. Integrating at the application level is much faster than configuring a third party solution. You also inherit all the security, privacy, and functionality in JDE automatically when you build an orchestration.

  4. Fewer expert dev resources are required to build orchestrations for e-commerce integration. At ACBM, we do need to understand what a client wants to accomplish. However, this mostly involves watching and documenting the manual steps a business user takes and replicating them as automated orchestration steps. No massive consulting or project management workforce is required.

  5. Because Orchestrator is simple to use (and training is readily available from ACBM), business users and in-house IT professionals can easily service, maintain, and support the integrations. There is no need to rely on third party implementers or a single knowledge resource within the company.

Unfortunately, many companies get partway down the road with a third party solution before they learn that the Orchestrator can do exactly what they need at a fraction of the cost and effort. At ACBM, we want to change that!

Do you need a better, faster, cheaper way to integrate JDE with e-commerce? Contact us to learn how Orchestrator will work for you.

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