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ADEX - New Name and New Features for JDExcelerator

This year has brought a lot of growth and updates for ACBM and our solutions. One important update is the rebranding of our flagship product, JDExcelerator. This software tool is now called ADEX. Removing JDE from the name ensures we maintain our own distinct brand. Rest assured it’s still the same Oracle validated, supported, integrated product our users already love. 


For those who are new to ADEX, here’s a quick recap.

ADEX allows JDE users to call orchestrations directly from inside Excel. This makes it simple to automate business processes including uploading and managing master and transactional data. Because it’s no longer necessary to build custom integrations, business users can address countless use cases on their own. They don’t have to manually move data between Excel and JDE, and IT teams aren’t burdened with extra work. Using ADEX can mean hundreds or even thousands of hours saved every year across an organization.

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Upcoming Features

Streamlined Licensing

Each organization now purchases a single license key in seat increments of 5, 10, 20, etc. to cover all their active users. An organization with a 10 seat license could install ADEX on more than 10 machines as long as there are only 10 active users in any given month. That’s much easier than buying a new license for every new user or switching licenses between machines, especially if some users only need ADEX occasionally. We’re excited that this new license structure makes it easier for more people to try ADEX within their organization. In our experience, the more users and use cases, the more money and time our clients save.


Simplified Support Structure

Right now, when users click on “Contact Support” from within ADEX, it opens an email and attaches the log file for our technicians. Going forward, we will be using Hubspot Service Hub which sends us tickets directly from inside ADEX. This makes tracking tickets easier and helps us maintain our high level of responsiveness as our user base continues to grow. 


Adding Attachments from Inside ADEX

Users of our attachment manager software know that it’s already possible to add and upload attachments from within that tool. We are adding this same functionality from inside ADEX. For example, this means you will be able to create a PO and add a PDF without even leaving the ADEX interface. 


Faster Software Setup

ADEX has always been easy to install in just a few minutes. But each user did need to come in and set up AIS server connections. Going forward, based on the organization’s license key, the server information will be pulled automatically. New users will just need to enter their JDE username and password.


Dynamic Data Lookups

Currently, you have to know your data values to send data to JDE from inside ADEX. In the near future, we’re adding dynamic data lookups that allow you to search data values from JDE before calling orchestrations. This feature will rely on JDE’s User Defined Codes or Data Requests to allow you to easily select the predefined value you need.

We’re always looking for feedback on additional enhancements. Fill out the form below to share your ideas directly with us or contact us.

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