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2022 ACBM Product Updates for IoT Fleet, Cetova, and AJAM

This has been a busy year for ACBM as our suite of products continues to grow and we add new capabilities to our existing solutions. Here’s what you should know about three of our popular products.

IoT Fleet Capabilities Expand with U.S. Supplier

We have switched from using our previous supplier in France to working with a U.S. manufacturer for our IoT Fleet devices. This is giving us the ability to provide:

  • Faster delivery, implementation, and setup
  • Support for a broader range of vehicles
  • The ability to get more meter readings directly from the vehicles

Odometer, engine hour, and fuel usage are read directly from the vehicle’s computer (ECU), providing accurate data from a wider range of vehicles and equipment. And since we’ve done all the configuration work already, the devices are truly plug and play.

Example Use Case: One of our clients is currently using IoT Fleet to track usage and maintenance needs for over 30 vehicles (including over the road vehicles and a big rig truck). The next step will be rolling out the ACBM IoT fleet solution to over 400 vehicles at their other mining locations.

Cetova Has a New, Even Better Version

Prior to its acquisition by ACBM earlier in 2022, the Cetova reporting tool hadn’t been updated in many years. Our team has now built and deployed a new version including a number of enhancements and a performance boost. The most important benefits are:

  • Support for Windows Server and MS SQL Server 2019
  • Support for modern browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc.)
  • Increased performance
  • Security patches
  • Support for all existing users and availability for new customers

Security Note: Cetova was originally built to work only with Internet Explorer. However, Microsoft is no longer providing security patches or updates for IE. This was a major concern for clients who wanted to ensure they could still use their favorite JDE EnterpriseOne reporting tool without worrying about security for their ERP reporting. Our clients can now use the browser of their choice with Cetova.

AJAM Now Offered as Subscription Model

We originally offered AJAM under a one-time perpetual license but have recently changed to a subscription model.

Benefits of our affordable AJAM subscription:

  • Stay current with all the latest enhancements
  • Get support and troubleshooting as needed
  • Unlimited users and up to 3 JDE environments
  • Save hundreds of hours a year with a streamlined user tool

Tech Support Example: Because it is a simple and robust tool, little or no maintenance is required for AJAM to keep working beautifully year after year. However, we are here to help out if something unexpected happens, no matter the reason. As an example, a recent client upgraded their ERP and encountered a bug in the new version of the platform that impacted AJAM and a number of other tools. The client reached out to us for help. We worked with them to provide a temporary solution while communicating with Oracle to come up with a more permanent fix. As always, ACBM is here to troubleshoot and provide support when you need us.

We’re looking forward to another year of upgrades, updates, and new products based on customer demand.

Want to see our most popular ACBM solution? Learn about ADEX for uploading and managing master and transactional data in JDE.

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